• These seminars are about starting over, resilience, hope, and gaining a sense of well-being and happiness.
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All the hours that I offer are considered to be Ethics hours by the N.C. State Bar.That is how I apply for them when I seek approval for a particular seminar.The Bar requires each attorney to have at least two hours of Ethics and Professionalism each calendar year, and each paralegal to have one hour of Ethics and Professionalism each calendar year.That being said, there is no maximum number of Ethics hours you can take.In other words, an attorney can take up to six hours that are considered Ethics from my two seminars which are given at a particular time, and the Bar counts them fully towards the CLE requirement of twelve hours for the calendar year.Likewise, a paralegal can take the same six hours of Ethics, and the Bar counts them fully towards recertification.

Because I am no longer a practicing attorney, I only teach Ethics and Professionalism and then Mental Health as well.

Yes, the requirement by the Bar is that an attorney take one such hour every three years.Either hour is sufficient to cover this Bar requirement.

Yes, you can always change or transfer your registration from one date or even one location to another.All you have to do is send me an email or telephone me to let me know.That’s all there is to it.

The Bar now allows attorneys to take up to six hours online, and they count the same as hours you would get if you attended a live program.Paralegals also can take six hours online.

Each hour of online programs that I offer have a random question inserted by me into the presentation. All you have to do is let me know the question and answer by email or telephone to let me know you have actually seen the program, and then I turn your time into the Bar, if you are an attorney, just as I would if you came to a live program.If you are a paralegal, I then send you your certificates filled out and signed by me for you to send into the Bar.

Yes, I give everyone, both attorneys and paralegals individual certificates at the conclusion of each live program.The certificates for attorneys are for your own personal use should you need them to verify you have come to a certain program. I am responsible for turning your time into the Bar.For paralegals, the certificates I give are the very ones you need to turn into the Bar yourself.

The Bar rules state that attorney hours are to be turned into the Bar within thirty days of the program. I often turn the reports into the Bar earlier than that and try to let you know that has been done. It may take a few days for your online statement with the Bar to reflect the hours have been reported.

Yes! If you register online at least 8 days in advance you can take advantage of our "Early Bird" specials./p>

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