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Jim Blackburn travels widely throughout the country sharing his personal life story with thoughtful and effective insight.

“Have you ever had to start over in your life or career? Have you ever lost, or do you fear losing, your present job or your ability to practice your profession? Has the passion you once had for being a professional or person diminished or disappeared completely? Have you ever been a broken person or feared that you might be one day? Have you just lost some of the hope you once had?”

“If the answer to any of these questions is yes, I hope you will consider allowing me to speak to your group or association. If you are an attorney, I hope you will consider allowing me to speak directly to your law firm or attending one of my seminars on Ethics, Professionalism and Mental Health/Substance Abuse.”

From the perspective of a lawyer who once had it all, and lost it, Jim Blackburn offers suggestions on how to regain hope and passion in your life and career. Jim has learned through experience that satisfaction with life and the practice of law, or whatever career you may have, takes faith, friendship, laughter, humility, acceptance of responsibility and the will to persevere. It is the will not to give up that ultimately brings hope.

"You were a smash hit.

"Just a note to let you know your inspirational speech …this past week has helped me to remember there can be light in our darkest moments. I particularly love the quote `…that within me lay an invincible summer."' "It is difficult for lawyers, and other folks, to realize that they are not alone in battling clinical depression. Please keep telling your story." "Blackburn was unbelievable."

valuation after the Speech to the Bankruptcy Institute

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