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On April 11 of this year, I started my podcast titled Grit- Stories of Resilience. In the episodes that I have done, I have touched on the Jeffrey MacDonald case, my own story of my mental health struggles many years ago, and interviews with several people telling their own stories of not only their successes, but also the individual struggles they went through in getting there. They showed determination, courage, humility, and a willingness to do whatever they needed to do to be happy and successful in their lives and careers. They showed GRIT.

Then, you need to face your fears and learn how to overcome them. You cannot allow them to keep you from living the life you want to have. That what the afternoon program titled Unafraid is about. Learning how to confront our fears, deal with them, and live the live we want. That is the essence of a great afternoon program.

These programs will, I believe, help you become the person you want to be. I hope you will not want to miss them!

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GRIT – Stories Of Resilience

GRIT can mean pebbles on the beach. It can also mean courage, passion, perseverance and even humility. It is doing in an honorable way whatever it takes.

GRIT is an essential characteristic of starting over in life when someone has hit a rough patch. With it, almost anything is possible. Without, not so much.

This is a seminar about facing adversity, including mental health issues and starting over. Everyone, at some point in his or her life, will have to find a new beginning. It is a part of being human. Here we talk about our stories of resilience, what it was like, how we got through it, and what we learned as a result.

Duration/Credit(s): Ethics and Professionalism - 2 Hours, Mental - 1 Hour
Schedule: 8:30 AM - 11:45 AM



Unafraid – Looking For Hope

Adam Hamilton, a Midwestern pastor, has written about the fears we all have and how to live with and even overcome them.

Nelson Mandela once wrote to his wife Winnie, while he was in prison for life in South Africa, “Hope is the greatest weapon of all, when all else seems lost”. He was imprisoned for over twenty six years, yet walked out a free man and became President of his country.

Combining the writings of Adam Hamilton in his book “Unafraid” with the letters of Nelson Mandela and the hopes and fears of all of us, we should have an exciting and provocative afternoon. Not bad for a CLE program. You won’t want to miss it.

Duration/Credit(s): Ethics and Professionalism - 3 Hours
Schedule: 12:30 PM - 3:45 PM



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