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Weeping may stay for a night, but Joy Comes in the Morning. Those words from the Thirtieth Chapter of Psalms, Verse 5, perfectly captures the highs and lows of our lives and careers. There are often tough and difficult times when we do not know how we will make it even through the day. But if we hang on and persevere, we too can survive and have joy in the morning. This three- hour program, including one hour of mental health study, is an optimistic upbeat story of how to manage our lives and even start over if necessary. Sure, there are some difficult times and even losses, and the night can be a long one, but in the end, if we try, most often, we will be all right. This is a completely inter-active discussion of how to make that true in your own life.

I first heard about the title Chapter Two - Resilience when watching an old Neil Simon movie, that was part auto biographical, by the same name. It is the story of someone who was a widower and was trying to start over in the dating scene. Eventually, he meets his future wife, played by the actress Marsha Mason, they get married, separated, and then finally back together. It is a story of starting over, resilience, making mistakes, correcting them, and finally through a combination of faith, luck and perseverance, never completely giving up, there is happiness and reconciliation with life.

That is, in short, exactly what so many of us go through, when faced with adversity. We stick with it and finally triumph in the end. Success, however, is not guaranteed. There is no automatic happy ending. Like the morning program, this afternoon session will be, I hope, an upbeat conversation about a Chapter Two for everyone.

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Duration Early Bird (8 or > days prior) Regular
3 Hours $225.00 $240.00
6 Hours $320.00 $340.00
1 Hour (mental health) $110.00 $120.00

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3 Hours $185.00 $195.00
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Facing Adversity

It isn’t whether you get knocked down, it is about getting back up that matters most. Everyone gets knocked down, but everyone does not get back up. This is a three hour program about how to do that . It is about not giving up. It is about putting one foot in front of the other. Finally, it is about the illness of depression that can happen to anyone and often does, and how to survive it and start over. It is about being happy again. It is about once again making the most of now.

Duration/Credit(s): Ethics and Professionalism - 2 Hours, Mental - 1 Hour
Schedule: 8:30 AM - 11:45 AM



Oh, The Choices You Will Make

Life is about choices…every day. You get to decide what you will do, how you will act and how you will likely be remembered. The choices of right and wrong, left and right, are there for you all the time. It is all up to you. There are lots of temptations in the legal profession. This program is an in-depth look at the choices you face all too often, and how to make the right ones for you and your career.

Duration/Credit(s): Ethics and Professionalism - 3 Hours
Schedule: 12:30 PM - 3:45 PM



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Attendee Cancellation Policy
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Cancellations beyond this deadline will receive no refund of their fees.

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