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For over eighteen years, I have held countless seminars, webinars and speaking presentations for Continuing Legal Education credits (not counting online on demand programs to most everywhere) to people all over North Carolina, but also to people in a number of other states, including, but not limited to, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and even in faraway places such as Kentucky, Iowa, Oklahoma and Arizona.

All of these presentations have had a similar theme of facing adversity and how to find out a way back as I have used my own experiences in life as the pretext for my ideas and thoughts. But I have learned much from everyone I have met along the way, and it is because of what you and many others have said and spoken at these events that I have been able to keep everything fresh and still, although the programs seem like some of the same stories, they are often done with a different take or twist.

This year is really the culmination of all these years. I remember reading and quoting the words of the French poet and author, Albert Camus, who won the Nobel Prize for literature when he was in his forties, that “in the midst of winter, I found within me there lay an invincible summer”. I have loved those words, as for me they have rung so true.

So what better new titles and programs than just that – An Invincible Summer – Parts 1 and 2! They include a visit to a dark place, but also the journey to a happier time made possible by kindness, perseverance, learning humility, unconditional friendship, laughter, a determination not to ever give up and much more. It is in learning and relearning these basic truths in our lives and careers that we all become more who we have always wanted to be.

I hope you will choose to join me this year for the best journey ever! An Invincible Summer (1) and (2).

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An Invincible Summer (1)

I never thought I would go to a really dark place, and after going there, I never doubted that I would be able to come back and start over. After spending the first part of my career as an attorney, including a time as a federal prosecutor, I went totally off the rails and ended that part of my career.

But over time, I started over and reinvented myself and my life. You can learn how to do that too, or as probably more likely, just get a small course correction or tune up. This program is about doing just that. I found that the words of faith, perseverance, humility, total honesty and basic kindness have real meaning and strength when put into practice. It is not easy sometimes, and it can take longer than you want. But optimism can be a force multiplier (as Colin Powell famously said) and the ancient Chinese proverb is true…”a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Here you get the chance to hear what others, not just me, have to say, and you can have your turn as well, if you wish. Everything is on the table.

Duration/Credit(s): Ethics and Professionalism - 2 Hours, Mental - 1 Hour
Schedule: 8:30 AM - 11:45 AM



An Invincible Summer (2)

When is the last time you were carefree and happy? What in your life is in technicolor and what is in black and white? These are the two questions Dr. Jean Spaulding asked me during one of our first meetings many years ago. My starting over began with trying to provide good answers to those questions. What a great way to live your life and career! Being happy, to me, is living a purposeful life. For you it may be something else. But whatever it is and whatever your thoughts, here, in this program, you will get the chance to hear what your friends and peers think and believe.

There is not enough time to adequately explore the concepts of kindness, humility, laughter and perseverance and just plain not giving up in an afternoon and the effect they can have on each one of us. But we will try.

Duration/Credit(s): Ethics and Professionalism - 3 Hours
Schedule: 12:30 PM - 3:45 PM



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