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Wouldn’t it be great if you could come to a CLE seminar, get hours that you need, and in addition stay awake, participate and voice your opinion if you wanted to do so, meet and make new friends, and go away feeling more optimistic and happy about your future? That is the essence of what these live seminars are all about for everyone who comes. Come and learn the benefits of passion in your life and career. Come and learn how to be more successful in a most personal way. I promise you these seminars are different.

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Attorney Pricing

Duration Early Bird (8 or > days prior) Regular
3 Hours $200.00 $215.00
6 Hours $295.00 $315.00
1 Hour (mental health) $85.00 $95.00
1 Hour (technology) $85.00 $95.00

Paralegal Pricing

Duration Early Bird (8 or > days prior) Regular
3 Hours $160.00 $170.00
6 Hours $245.00 $260.00

A Purposeful Life And Career

From all the seminars I have done these past years, I have learned the overwhelming desire of attorneys and paralegals is to have purpose in their lives and in their careers in the legal profession. Too often this goal comes up missing for many of us. So this three hour seminar is an in-depth study and conversation about how to find or regain purpose in our lives, both personally and professionally. A side benefit, if we are successful, can be a decided decrease in depression and an uptick in a better quality of life.

Duration/Credit(s): Ethics and Professionalism - 2 Hours, Mental - 1 Hour
Schedule: 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM



Developments In Technology

This program will be a full 60-minute program to meet the technology CLE requirement of the North Carolina Bar.

Topics Covered:

  • Options for practice management systems
  • Strategies for running a paperless law practice
  • Digital security in the small law office – a look at reasonable standards
  • Back up, back up, back up and more back up!
  • Digital signatures – how and when to use them
  • Digital signatures part 2 – What the courts are saying about digital signatures
  • Open Discussion with Questions and Answers

Duration/Credit(s): Technology - 1 Hour
Schedule: 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Marshall Hurley is a Greensboro-based attorney with experience as a congressional staff member as legal counsel in the North Carolina General Assembly. He is currently engaged in private civil practice, with an emphasis on matters relating to governmental issues, particularly election law and government regulation.

On the technology front, he first began practice in 1981, supported by IBM Selectric typewriters, and carbon copies, soon followed by big, floppy computer discs. A computer enthusiast, he has seen – and benefitted from – advancing law office technology from the very beginning days of the personal computer.



Resilience Changes Everything

In the course of a legal career, almost everyone faces change, loss of energy and passion. Sometimes you feel as though you are burned out, want a different direction, a new start. You want to feel the way you did when you first started. You want to feel good about yourself and your legal career and think you are making a difference in peoples’ lives. Learn in this seminar from your co-workers how to rebound, how to have a new beginning, how to have resilience. It can change everything for you.

Duration/Credit(s): Ethics and Professionalism - 2 Hours
Schedule: 1:15 PM - 3:15 PM



CLE courses may at times be canceled. In the event that a course is canceled, we will notify registered participants at least 48 hours in advance of the course date. Upon a cancellation, attendees may:

  1. Request attendance at another class in the future,
  2. Request an Online version of the course, or
  3. Receive a full refund of the course fees.


Attendee Cancellation Policy
It is understandable that an attendee may from time to time want to cancel their course registration. If we are notified at least 48 hours in advance of the course, we will:

  1. Reschedule the attendee at a future course, or
  2. Refund 80% of their course fees.


Cancellations beyond this deadline will receive no refund of their fees.

We reserve the right to modify this cancellation policy at a future date.

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