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Here are some words from other professionals who have attended Jim's live seminars over the years ...

“I look forward to your seminars each year because they not only touch on the pragmatic side of the practice of law but they educate you in how to manage your life and stress while practicing law. I always come away from the seminar having experienced a great catharsis. For me they offer a great insight into how other successful attorneys manage their lives and practices. The seminars have made me a better and more insightful person. The seminars are very interactive and one of the best things I heard from a young lawyer at one of your seminars was: “We need to be better listeners”.”

Thomas H.

“The value of receiving Jim’s wisdom far exceeds the time and cost in attending his courses. He reminds us that lawyers, just as clients, have flaws and vulnerabilities that need tending, and that part of being good lawyers includes our mental health. Even though I have attended several prior courses, I will attend again because each time I am with Jim I come away inspired and better for it.”

Leslie V.

“Alexander Trenfor said "The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see." Jim Blackburn is one of those teachers. Take any CLE class from Jim, and you will leave with a lesson in self reflection, tenacity and courage to overcome even the most daunting situations that we as humans sometimes find ourselves in. Look no further, Jim is absolutely the best!”

Denise S.

“Jim is an engaging presenter. He mixes his own brand of humor, introspection, and wit to create a line of riveting, thought-provoking CLEs that will have leave you hanging on his every word and inspired to become your best self — both personally and professionally.”

Pridgen G.

“Jim Blackburn’s strong, fresh voice offers bold new perspectives and solid, common-sense encouragement to lawyers and paralegals across North Carolina. He offers a practical wake-up call to professionals in all stages of their careers who have become tired or jaded in their work. His enthusiasm is absolutely infectious! His personal story of resilience breathes new life into a CLE classroom. Even if you have heard Jim in the past, it is probably time for another visit with him to recalibrate and reenergize your legal career.”

Marshall H.

“I have been attending Jim Blackburn’s seminars for 10 years. Jim is an excellent presenter; he tells it like it is yet (he) incorporates humor as well. He has lived through what he is teaching, which gives credibility to everything you learn. Jim does an excellent job in encouraging attendees to look inside themselves to find fulfillment and passion in their profession. When feeling discouraged for any reason, I often reflect back on discussions from his seminars to help me. After attending one of Jim’s seminars, I always feel refreshed and better about myself because what I learn cannot only be applied to your profession in the legal field, but also to life itself. I enthusiastically recommend attending one of Jim’s seminars! The topics are interesting, relevant, and insightful, and each attendee has the opportunity to engage in conversation during the seminar, which creates a friendly setting and atmosphere. I learn something new each time I attend, and feel I grow a little more as a paralegal and a person because of it. These are, hands down, the best seminars I have ever attended!”

Alice G.

“Every year I look forward to spending time with Jim Blackburn as we explore not just the laws of our state, but the state of us as practitioners and human beings. Jim brings a comfortable engaging style that allows people who way too often hold too much too close to the vest to open up and gain life knowledge and not just legal knowledge. I will not let a year of CLE go by without sharing some time with Jim!”

Bob G.


“I highly recommend Jim Blackburn’s programs. They are informative, up-to-date and elicit discussion among the lawyers. I not only enjoy the presentation but the fellowship with the other attorneys. I believe you will too.”

Norman K.


“I have been attending Jim Blackburn’s CLE classes for many years. I find them to be informative, thought-provoking, insightful and enjoyable. He provides a unique insight into this most important topic and I learn something new and helpful during every class that I attend.”

Eddie C.

“I have been attending Jim’s seminars for years, and remember the very first one that I attended in 2003, to which I took my newly licensed son. I remember him telling us that at least once a year, we should take our license off of the wall and hold and touch it. I remember him also saying, that if we were disbarred, we would have to physically take our license and turn it in to the state bar … . A sobering thought I have never forgot. His seminars are different from the other usual CLE seminars … . You always leave with some insightful “life” thoughts. He transparently shares his life experiences in a way that results in a new outlook on the issues we all face as we embark on life’s journey. And, unlike the others, his seminars seem to be over before you want them to be.”

Robert W.


“I have attended many of Jim's seminars. During the seminar I find myself hanging on to something he has just said and how it resonates with an aspect of my life. I frequently then return to the sentence or topic later that afternoon or the next day. His talk causes you to be introspective, to think about yourself and the practice of law. He talks of the practice being a part of your life not all of it. You leave more empathetic of your clients. The programs aren't about the nuts and bolts of the practice but it surely improves your practice and makes you a better lawyer.”

Jim P.

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